Monday, October 12, 2009

N.A.B.I.L; With This Name, I Think I Live A Double-Life.

I don't think it's a double-life. But more like a secret agent or a spy punya life.

Pernah tengok series 'Burn Notice'? A life of a secret operative basically the story was all about. This spy kena burn which is kena fire. But then he live on doing stuff for everyday people. Helping out here and there and got paid. What impressed me was how he act different role for each of his task; which is so damn cool how he pulled it off.

And iiiiiiiiii...think i live that kinda life. Not the cool part, but the acting part.

Back in Kedah i was called differently. I am totally different back there. Known for being a good kid to my family. It is still the same when i go back. The role was given to me and i played the role well. Still budak baik lagi.

Dekat sekolah, again, i played different role. I'm a nuisance, sangat nakal and malas sangat. What saved me was my grades. It was good enough not to be yelled at.

Dengan kawan-kawan di Kedah, I'm different. Jadi budak baik plus sedikit kenakalan. And i brags alot with 'em, sampai sekarang.( Yeah, it's a habit to brag if you grow up in Kedah. )

Kolej, nama pun jadi Nabil. I was a jock. Everyone kinda knew me. I pulled it off pretty well. Hey, a star role, who wouldn't. Bersukan ok, belajar ok, fellow students kenal, lecturers kenal.

Dan sekarang, living all by myself, with new friends and new faces. I played a new role. Sheesh..I was never the same guy. Here and there, I kinda notice and makes me wonder. Which is me?

The nice kid?
The mischievous student?
The braggin' dick?
The jock?

Or just a guy with identity crisis? ( Identity crisis? I think i'm too old for that. High schooler boleh la indentity crisis. )


p/s: Arwah nenek called me ustaz. Now that's another role to play.

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Anonymous said...

just be yourself. whatever it is.