Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kerja Tak Siap; Marah Woah!

Oh crap. Days has been crappy for me.

Yes. Yes. Begini ceriteranya.

I went to the bank on Monday, early morning. It was in Bandar Puteri Puchong. And it is Maybank. I went in and i told the pretty-girl-that-do-the-service-thingy? that i wanna open an account. She told me that the whole system was down. And it'll be down for one whole day. Then she told me to go other Maybank which so far away. I can't go 'cause i already applied it online for that Maybank only. So i went home.

Come Tuesday, i went to the same Maybank. Meet the same girl, i told her i wanna open an account. I still have to fill in a form, which is i don't get it. Why would i fill an online form, only to fill it in again at the bank?? I have the stupid reference number. You fellas can't just say, 'Ok, we have your info's already. Please proceed.'?? Dang~what's the purpose of the online system??

Enough annoyance with that, then another lady assist me on how to fill in the form. And then, she suggested a credit card. I said ok, and she needed my current credit card. I said ok, and i wanna pull out my credit card. And I couldn't find it. I was missing. I nearly went berserk. Last time i used it was a week ago. Damn. A week?? and i didn't notice shit. So cannot apply-lah.

So i took a number to proceed with my account opening thingy. Waited for a while and it was my turn. I sat down, gave the form, gave my IC and the lady said, 'Encik, IC tak boleh verify lah..', oh? She kept trying and it can't be used. Meaning, I have to renew my IC. Argghh!! And i can't open the account. Double argghh!!!

I have to go to JPN in Putrajaya?? Arghhh! And i have to wait for my IC to be ready?? Argghhh!!!

' Terima kasih'. Aku chow.

I spent my time doing the stuff i am suppose to do, but i can't finish a thing due to a few stupid circumstances??


Akaun perlu dibuat so duit bole masuk. Tapi sekarang duit tak boleh masuk tapi perlu duit untuk renew IC, dan makan nasik. Plus, kredit kad hilang dan perlu tunggu untuk yang baru. Dan perlu tunggu untuk bukak akaun. Dan perlu tunggu untuk buat kredit kad baru. Dan semuanya tidak boleh segera.

Oh. Lembab sungguh sistem.

p/s: Masih tak siap.

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