Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hun with Hamsters

Hun, take care of the hamsters. nice to finally meet you.

I've known you for quite sometime online, and you were cool enough to be my friend. you were in form 3 back then and now you are 18. wow, thanks for staying on my friends list.

I met her in O.U after work. while waiting for her, she walk pass by me without noticing me there. haha. i didn't yell out her name 'cause there alot of people around that time..(ade try berdehem kuat-kuat tapi haram tak didengari..hehe)

She was with her friends and aku terasa sungguh muda.hahaks!

We hung out and aktiviti yang paling best ialah mencari petshop. melihat haiwan comel di petshop tesebut and fell in love with one rabbit. hehe.

Anndddd..kinda funny bila hun's friend, yana menjerit sebab arnab ingin menerkam dia. hahaks!

Thanks hun! i had fun..:)

say hi to your friends for me.

p/s: and you name the ham-ham azrul and hani? hahaks! tipu taoo..cakap taknak letak nama tuhhh..


shen said...

serious comel doh binatang tu

si coklet and putih ...

hun shahrudin. said...

hahaha thanks again nabil for those precious things!