Monday, May 4, 2009

Sleep is the closest thing to death

hmm...without you around. i sleep. and just sleep.

because the dreams i had, i don't want it to end.

event nightmares. i don't want it to end.

when living is a total lost without love and dying is all to be felt.

and i'm not in a comatose state, nor death.

so i chose to just sleep, cause that's the closest thing to being dead.

i can dream.

p/s: personal's best record for sleeping, 16 hours.


Nurul Ain said...

16 hours? are u serious?? huhu

Nabil Hussein said...

yeahh..tryng to go for 24hour~that wud b great~

Nurul Ain said...

then u wont wake up anymore...haha~

E; said...

I slept for 20+ hours last night. Hehe.