Wednesday, May 20, 2009

when life turning into a musical, it's annoying.

having a brain that is highly and extremely imaginative has made it work itself into overdrive.


yelah, dengan trend practically everything nak brain has adapted and fit itself into the trend.

so, everything that happened will have it soundtrack. a tune will automatically played in my brain and i see people dancing and singing at the same time..birds singing to the tune of mine. alaa..macam high school musical, enchanted dan hairspray tuhh..

so, macam-macam lagu dah bermain dalam kepala otak.

keith urban - you'll think of me
i miss you - boyz 2 men
1,2,3,4 - plain white t's
hush - LL cool J
Another Song -justin timberlake
Baby love - nicole scherzinger
you gave me something - james morrison
don't forget about us - mariah carey
you'll always be my baby - david cook

that's just parts of it. seriously. banyak lagu yang diputarkan dalam otak ni.

p/s: life aku muzikal sekarang. kejadian bertemakan lagu.

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Anonymous said...

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interested to read?? if do, let me have ur email.. but i doubt it :p